About us

Frexi Brewing is an independant craft brewing company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our beers are influenced from travels and the different cultures we met along the way. As nature lovers, it inspired our design and we want to be the most respectful with her. Premium products are used to create a premium craft beer.  


Golden Ipa

This Golden IPA is a brilliant balance between a Golden Ale and an IPA, not too sweet, not too bitter, with notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit and white wine grapes.
Easy drinking and sessionable.

5.6 ABV
45 IBU

Refreshing Porter

refreshing porter


Thirsty? This Refreshing Porter is
that cold brew coffee to quench a
nagging thirst. Strong coffee
notes, hops flavours and a hint of caramel. 
Lighter than your regular Porter.

IBU: 36

frexi team

We are a Mexican and French couple who fall in love with craft beer and its infinite possibilities. 

We want to bring our culture and travels into our beers and create exotic flavours locally crafted. 

Eddie Haro
Cha Lepage